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Boost your design time

Helping electronic engineers to speed up design processes using AI

Generate models in minutes

We are on a mission to save time and money for thousands of electronic engineers around the world. Our flagman product generates 3D models, symbols and footprints based on a datasheet. Take a look our demo video.

Demo video
Demo Magic

Demo Magic

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What we do

Besides AI model generation we can bring your company extra value in other directions


AI-based component model generation

3D model, symbol and footprint structure generation based on your datasheet in PDF format. No more manual work for hours. 

Library migration and consolidation

Quickly and easily clean up your database and cloud libraries. Smoothly transfer it between different ECAD platforms.

Continuous integration and deployment

We help to build automatic pipelines, so each decision is tested, simulated and verified with AI

Our Team


At EDA Magic we are committed to revolutionizing the electronic engineering design process. Our AI-driven SaaS platform streamlines the creation of component digital models, saving engineers time and reducing errors. With our technology, you can quickly and accurately construct component symbols, footprints, and 3D structures, making your design process more efficient and effective.


5432 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

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